This guide was written before the release of Win Menu 2000, and so some of it is outdated.

Adding the first few menu items

Entering setup:
If setup doesn’t automatically start when you run Win Menu 3, right-click on the menu bar. If you haven’t added any items it might just be a small dot in you upper right corner. When you right-click a small popup menu should appear. Click "Setup". Now you see the setup start-up screen. The setup programs are divided into to main areas: "Items setup" and "User profiles". You may switch between them by clicking the tabs in "Win Menu 3 - Setup’s " upper left corner. Make sure you are in the "Items Setup" part.

Adding the first group:
Create a new group by either clicking the "Create new group" icon of right clicking in the "Tree items" view. Now you can see that "My new group" popup up in the "Tree items" view. And the about box on the right side disappeared in exchange for "Group options". Settings up the group options are quite easy and self-explaining. First you should change the name of the group. Write some text in the "Group name" box or click twice (NOT double-click) on the group in the "Tree items" view. Every group need to have a name, so you can’t delete it, only change it. Now, you should find an icon for the group. Win Menu 3 uses .bmp files as icons. But Win Menu 3 includes an internal icon extractor, so you may also use .ico .exe ++. To change the icon, click "Change icon" in the "Group Icon" section. Now a browse dialog appears. Find a suitable .bmp file, try finding a small one.. witch saves RAM. If you’ve found a .bmp file a sample of it shows in the "Group icon" section. You also have a choice to make it transparent. Now add a couple of more groups.

Adding the first item:
Select the first of the group you added (click it in the "Tree items"). Right next to the "Create new group" you will find "Create new item", click it, or add the group by right-clicking it the "Tree items" view and selecting "New item" from the popup menu. Now you’ll se the new group as a sub item in the "Tree items", and "Group options" hides behind the up-popping "Item options". Now select a name for the new item and write it in the "Name" box (sample: TextIt). Now select the "File command" box and write in the path for the program (sample: c:\program files\svenna\textit\textit.exe). You don’t have to bother with the rest because the defaults are normally quite ok.

Adding more items:
Now the easiest way to add more items is to drag the file or a shortcut either to one of the groups in the "Tree items" or to the group items at the menu bar. Then Win Menu will use all the default settings and add the program or folder automatically.

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