Hello, I’m glad you take time to visit my pages. I use them to publish some of my work, mostly to see how much the public appreciate it. I hope you find this pages usefull, and check back often.

Latest news:
2003-03-30: new page:
2003-03-30: TextIt 1.0.12 released 15 months after the last release.

Quick download:
Download TextIt 1.0.12
TextIt 1.0.12 .exe without installer
Download Win Menu 2000 v3.22
Download Master Mind v1.2

TextIt is the latest release from And lately It has become the most popular. It’s a small text utility for handling unformatted text. Most importantly the well know 64k file size limitation in e.g. notepad is exceeded. TextIt is easily configured and includes the most common utilities ..and then some.

Win Menu
Win Menu logoManage all your most used files, Internet Shortcuts and drives. Run all your old DOS programs and new windows utilities. Configure by Drag & Drop to menu bar or use the feature packed setup program to access all the advanced features. You might even use different user profiles. It installs itself to your windows desktop and you have one-click access to all your favorite files. Win Menu 3 also brings a whole new set of tools

Master Mind
The classic Master Mind game, here comes in a windows version. When you’re playing against your computer, Svenna’s Master Mind saves an unlimited number of player profiles, with statistics.

There are always some development going on. If you wold like to see what products will be offering in the near future, take a look at the pre-releases available in the development pages.



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