Version History

Version 1.0.12
- Added option to not associate .txt files under installation.
- Uninstall reverts .txt file association.
- Added option to not install quick launch icon.
- Cursor position was removed in version 1.0.11 by mistake. Now reports as (Pos: [CurPos] [LinePos]@[LineNr].
- Added option to hide statusbar.
- Updated installation icon.
- Fixed issue with opening read-only files.
- TextIt now gives prettier error message when unable to save a file (read-only) and opens the Save As dialog.
- Minor source updates.
- A plain is available from the download page, no install needed.

Version 1.0.11
- Added Drag&Drop support. The dropped file is opened in a new window.
- Fixed a bug that prevented you to see the file size on large files, even though you clicked the status bar.
- Changed the Line status panel to include column information (<Col>@<Line>)
- Made quick menu shortcuts to all menu items.
- Fixed problem with uninstalling the folders and the settings.cfg file.

Version 1.0.10
- Fixed visual bug in the status bar, Caps Lock status was invisible.
- Changed the code that creates the GotoLine window, should save a few kB now.
- Fixed two visual bugs when moving toolbar around.

Version 1.09
- ASCII value from status bar should be more accurate...
- ASCII value is not displayed on large files.
- You may click the ASCII, Size new Line status panel to forge a calculation on large files.
- Fixed a bug with the Auto intend only working on end of file.
- Reassigned shortcut to Favourites menu to Alt+V.(Thanks to Mark Barry)
- Displays hour glass when starting and loading files.
- Added a new status panel that displays line nr, also with large file disabling.
- Added a number filtering to the gotoline dialog.
- The gotoline always selects previous text in the dialog then opening it again.
- New installer, now using the ISX, instead of Inno Setup 1.3.

Version 1.08b
- Added menu shortcuts thanks to (Thanks to Mark Barry)
- Fixed a bug with TextIt skipping the last char when using binary read in v1.08. (Thanks to André Tomt)

Version 1.08a
- Fixed bug in org. release of 1.08 that caused TextIt to blank files when loading textit from commandline.

Version 1.08
- Support for reading binary files.
- Added ASCII number in status bar.
- Now able to navigate the text field with left and right arrows while using ASCII chart.
- Added the long awaited go to line feature.
- Added an auto-intend feature.

Version 1.07
- Code improved to handle large files better.
- Status bar should not be crippled on startup anymore.
- Added an ASCII chart.
- Code for calculating document size vastly improved.
- Added a shortcut and a speed button for WordWrap.

Version 1.06
- Added version information to about.
- Save status is working properly again.
- Most recent files menu bug fixed.(Thanks to Phill Jury)
- Added more optional toolbar buttons.(Thanks to Phill Jury)
- Fixed a bug that gave TextIt a random font size on installation.

Version 1.05
- Fixed a bug that stored URL detection settings in wrong registry key.
- Fixed the problem with the text field not reading stored settings.(not related to above)
- Fixed the Detect URL bug again.
- Added favorites menu.
- Added recently used files menu.
- Removed some unnecessary refresh event.
- When you close an unsaved file, answer yes and then canceling the save dialog: TextIt no longer closes whiteout saving.

Version 1.04
- Fixed a bug that prevented the text field mode to update when you turned Detect URL on/off(Thanks to Eric Katz)

Version 1.03
- Fixed a bug that misplaced the menu icons.(Thanks to Søren Rom)

Version 1.02
- Fixed the misspelling on the File menu.(Thanks to Aaron Rhoads)
- Fixed a rare bug with loading files with spaces in their name.(Aaron Rhoads again..)

Version 1.01
- Fixed a bug that caused new files to be named ’Untidled’ instead of ’Untidled.txt’ if one of the path folder names included a dot).

Version 1.0
- Initial release.

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