Screen Manage all your most used files, Internet Shortcuts and drives. It will run all your old DOS programs and new windows utilities. Configure by DragDrop to menu bar or use the feature packed setup Screen program to access all the advanced features. You might even use different user profiles. It installs itself to your windows desktop and you have one-click access to your 900 favorite files.

Authors story:
I started making Win Menu to fill in a gap in my utilities collection. There was lot’s of toolbars around, but none of them was just the thing I was looking for. So I started programming, learning on the way as I stumbled true the first working compilation. Although Win 95 Menu was not the prettiest toolbar around, it included my most basic needs to configure and run some programs. Then I made an English version, but it was never a success. The main reason was that the configuration was limited and not much fun to use. Then when I’d got some experience creating a toolbar I started a whole new project, I rewrote every bit of code, and this time I started with the configuration part. All in all Win Menu 98 was a success, I’ve had more downloads and positive comments than ever imagined. Today Win Menu 3 is a fairly known and well-used toolbar. Although the development took ages and it’s all freeware, I’ve learned a lot and now my job consist mostly of using the skills I started learning while coding Win Menu.



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