Reported bugs
See the new Win Menu bug database.

Future plans
There is no development at this time.

Wish list, this is the list that displays the requested features.
- Navigate true the menu bar with the arrow keys.
- Task manager to kill running applications.
- Command to delete/disable all items that are no longer valid (when file is deleted or moved).
- Support for importing/exporting groups from/to other *.prf files.
- Added an auto run execute type (to compensate for Win98 API not auto running drives automatically).
- Added a retry later if command line fails (if network or removable drive ain’t ready it’ll retry in a sec)
- More explaining option to launch with parameters.
- Support to let a virtual item waite for a program to quite before processing the next item.

The most current build is:
There is currently no pre-release availably, the released build is the newest there is.



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