Awards and comments I’ve received...

Win Menu 2000 received the WinFiles GetIt! award on the release of v3.2

Win Menu 98 got the Nonags Best award from v3.1

Received summer 2000 for Win Menu 98 v3.1

Received des 2001 for Win Menu 2000 v3.2

TextIt got the Nonags Good award somewhere close to v1.05 I think..

Master Mind v1.1 received the Lockergnome award on 29th Sept 2000

Some of the positive comments I’ve received during the last few years:

..."Whooeeee!!! I must say you have done a superb job on that WinMenu98. It’s exactly what I needed for my computer"..."Your idea of using bitmaps for buttons instead of dull, old, boring icons is indeed the icing on the cake. I’ve designed it to incorporate with my wallpaper design and I see it as an endless opportunity"..."There is no other work of art (I hate to call your WinMenu98 a toolbar ’cos it isn’t just that) like it and it’s free too!! :)" ..."By the way, why are you still bug-fixing it? It’s already perfect!!"...
WinMenu98’s #1 fan, Mazlan Ibrahim



"Hi, I downloaded your program Win Menu 3, I particularly like its ability
to create groups. This is a feature I have been looking for in a Task Bar."...
Elisabeth Skowronski"

"Thank you for creating this good editor.
It’s just the simple and fast editor I want."...
"Regards, Bing"

Thanks for writing TextIt and making avaiIable. I was looking for a Wordpad
which would display the line numbers. TextIt is fast, has line numbers, and
even auto-indent. Great!

Best regards,

Olivier Nowak

"Great Job!
Just a note to say I really enjoy "TextIt"!! I have looked at quite a few text editors and yours is by far the winner!! I will never go back to "Notepad" again! Thanks alot, Matt H."...

"Hello Sven!

I use TextIt since this week and i think its great! Just a simple, easy, small, but in some ways very powerfull utility I am recommending to al my friends! :-)

I think you get emails like this every day, but I still wanted to thank you for your work anyway. :-)

Keep up the good work!

Tobbe Spijker - Holland."

For the great program and the update notification.

"Hi Sven,

TextIt is brilliant. I use a Macintosh and BBEdit nearly all the time, but here at work I need to use Windows. TextIt does everything I really need fast and efficiently. As a Mac user, I especially appreciate it supporting keyboard shortcuts. Thank you a thousand times.

Joel Anair"

"Text-It saved me alot of pain,great Utility,Great Work
Excellent work!!

Thank you soo much for this great Utility"

"Hi Sven Tore

My name is Nicklas Ingels, mailing to you from Sweden (I promise no bad norwegian jokes in this email ;))

I just ran into some trouble when I was updating some HTML, I was using Notepad as I usual do, but Windows told me that I couldnt do any more changes since I ran out of memory (The Golden 64KB rule I later learned.)

So, what was I suppose to do, well.. I went to and searched for another text editor, I found yours (Who also said something about the 64Kb rule). So, I downloaded it, and tada.wav.. Now everything works as it should again.

I just uploaded the new HTML files. TextIt (I downloaded the freeware version since I was in a hurry) was easy to use and Im pleased.

I was using notepad to do all my html, and it seemd like some of my pages has become pretty big (64K !!) so Im not going over to your TextIt tool since it's easy to use and has some extra stuff that notepad doesn't have (Hey... Search and replace can be like a gift from the gods when you're doing big files). BUT it is also a very clean piece of software, it has the basic things which is what I was looking for...

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Nicklas Ingels / A happy and new user, who found the right tool for the job."



get it free,