Concept of Master Mind
The concept of the game is to find the right colours. In a human-to-human game, one person selects 4 colours, places them on the board and close a lid to hide them from the other player.

Playing the game
The other player then select 4 out of 8 colours and places them on the first of 10 "rounds". When hi is finished the player who knows the right combination of colours places one black pin besides the first "round" for each colour the opponent has selected and placed on the right place. If the however the opponent has selected the right colour but placed it incorrectly hi picks a white pin and places it on the board. Then the opponent uses his newly received information to try a new set of colours on the second "round". When the right combination is selected the number of rounds is written down and the board is turned to let the other player choose the colours, the last one who reaches 40 rounds wins.

Computer game
In Svenna’s Master Mind the computer selects the hidden colour combination, and your mission is to figure them out. Select your colours by dragging them from the colour bar to the row in your current round. Your previous round is automatically copied to the next to save you some time if only small changes are needed. You may also swap colour around in the current row by dragging them from one position to the new. Your player statistics are stored. You receive 1 "point" from each round you use to solve to puzzle, and you receive another 5 extra points (15 total) of you can’t make the right combination on 10 rounds or you quite the game while playing.

Drag your colors with the mouse to the bottom row, to find the right combination. When your done with a row, hit OK to start the next. Now you also got some info to tell you how god your first guess was. A black pin to the left tell you that one of your colors is right. A white pin says: You‘ve got the right color, but placed it on the wrong place.



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