The most essential software around
Although there is lot’s of other wares around I picket out the once I like the most. There is only one program in each category, and hopefully it covers your needs for that particular type of software. You might also take notice of, that most of the software is freeware, there is in some categories better commercial software around, but when free software closely matches -the choice is easy. To ensure that you’ll always get the updates versions, most of the links lead to the producer download pages, instead of direct links.
HTML editorHTML-Kitone of the finest HTML editors aroundfree
FTP clientWS_FTP Lesimple, but reliable clientfree
IRC clientmIRCthe most commonly used IRC client aroundshare
ProxyProxysimple proxy from AnalogXfree
HTTPdOmni HTTPd Proa great web server, easy to set upfree
Time syncAtomic Timesyncanother nice AnalogX toolfree
e-mail clientOutlook Expressnot as good as Outlook itself, but closefree
POP3ArGoSoft Mailsimple easy to use serverfree
ToolbarWin Menuwell of corse I like my own design the bestfree
Text editorTextItanother release, small and easy to usefree
Mp3 playerWinAmpthe most popular player around, with reasonfree
Mp3 encoderCDexa fine util that cover your needsfree
DownloadingGetRightintegrates well with your system, lots of customizationfree
News readerGravitygreat for off-line reading, to bad it costs30days
Win hackerTweak UIthere is no one like the PowerToys originalfree
TelnetPuttybrilliant linux-ishfree



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