Fresh info of TextIt developments

Reported bugs
See the new TextIt bug database.

Release comments
In TextIt 1.0.11 I’ve included some of the requested features, and some other minor code improvements. There is really no core changes, and 1.0.11 should be as stable as 1.0.10. A few reported bugs has been left unaddressed. They’ve been low priority, irreplicatable or just to difficult to trace at this time.
I’ve been considering a 1.1.0 release for some time, with extended setup functionality and shell integration along with a XP style interface.

Future plans
TextIt is from version 1.0.10 considered complete. There are no plans for releases in the near future. I’m playing around with syntax highlighting. And it might be included some day. Today I’m using HomeSite, for most my highlighting needs.
However bugs that are reported will be looked into, and feature request will be taken into consideration. But TextIt suite my own need just fine today, and so I think it’s time to leave the utility as it is.



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